Weddings on FP-100C

Well, today marks the first time on the blog that we are devoting an entire week to one theme. Weddings. We will feature several

Weddings are special days. Special days that are fast paced and a lot of times very hectic. For the most part, weddings have been taken over by DSLR’s with crazy high ISO’s and portable strobes to light an entire venue. Nothing is wrong with that and everyday I’m amazed at where technology has taken us. But what we also find amazing is that despite how crazy a wedding day can be, photographers are taking the time to incorporate instant film into their workflow and producing amazing work that puts a smile on everyones face and gives the couple a preview of whats to come.

Today we feature a collection of work all shot on Fuji FP-100C packfilm. FP-100C is an ISO 100 speed film that works in a variety of cameras and looks amazing. Thanks to those who submitted images to us. Please keep creating those instant memories!



Mylène Michaud

Shannon Wolf

Neal Carpenter

Chris Kale

Emma Case

Kristian Gundersen


Tomorrow we will feature work shot on Impossible and Polaroid integral films.




  1. Thank you for including me. It is nice to be surrounded by such awesome images.


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