Weddings on FP-3000B

Monday we showed you images shot on FP-100C. Tuesday we showed you images shot using Impossible Project films. Today we are going to share with you images shot using Fuji FP-3000B. This film has actually become one of my favorite film stocks of all time.

I have always been a sucker for a classic B&W image, and the versatility of the 3000B gives you just that in almost any lighting condition. With it’s high ISO, this film can be shot in the darkest receptions with fast glass on such cameras as the Mamiya RZ. Or in the middle of the day by shooting faster shutter speeds or stopped down.

The film itself is not the most forgiving though.Highlights can be easily blown and like any true B&W film, it’s best to spot meter. When the exposure is correct, this film is beautiful, dreamy and timeless. One of my favorite features of the 3000B is the negative that can be recovered when you separate the print. There is so much detail hiding in the negative and with a few steps, you can have a beautiful copy of your original shot. We went over those steps a few weeks back here.

As you can see from the images below, The film can be shot at almost any point of the day. The number of cameras it can be used in is crazy. And honestly, at around a $1.00 a shot, there is no reason not to try a pack at your next wedding.


Ryan Johnson

Neal Carpenter

Chris Kale

Shannon Wolf

Polaroid SF


  1. I recently shot Bunny Lynch’s wedding, using a combination of digital, 35mm, 120 and Fujiroid. I have to say (not yet having processed the ACROS nor the Portra, that the photos of the reception, on 3000B are my favorite, thus far… aside from a photo of Bunny, made with a 5D Mark III, holding the darkslide of her 600 on 600 pack.


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