Weddings on Impossible Project Film

Weddings on impossible film are challenging yet most rewarding. I will say that shooting integral film at weddings is easier then shooting peel apart film, but can also be more unpredictable. The reason being of heat conditions, humidity and light. But if your wedding happens to be in a relatively cool place, you are golden. No messy peel apart goo to struggle with or much trash.

It’s also worth talking about the places you could shoot this film is basically endless! Such as getting ready with a bride near window light. Or stunning portraits of the couple. Grab your grandpas old box 600 camera, px680 and you have yourself the funnest reception rig ever! The newest px70 and px680 color protection films are going to give you the most reliable results of course. We still recommend shielding every Color Protection image.

The challenging part about shooting this film will have to be the unpredictable climates we shoot in. But with proper shielding and keeping relatively cool your pin for winning results! Chris and I have also shot integral film at receptions and man is it a blast. Stay tuned for a more ion depth how-to on Friday. Another challenge you will face is handing over originals to guests. I personal will not hand over the originals until I have a chance to scan them, which will then be sent to the bride and groom. They can then choose to give away photos if they choose.

One of the main reasons, as Mike covered in today’s earlier post, why I shoot instant film at weddings is the reactions. Usually through dinner I will be sitting with guests eating, that is such a great chance to show them real images you just took, spark up a conversation and leave a lasting impression. The priceless action of exciting your bride and groom with images of the day is just pure bliss. The challenges and struggles are so worth it in the end, and here are examples to prove it!


Emma Case

Dave Waddell

Chris Kale

Mylène Michaud

Anna Blightman

Teresa Heath

Natasha Broman

Ashley Saldana

Francisco Chavira





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