BI-Monthly Assignment

Every two weeks we will have an assignment. These assignments are open to interpretation by each individual who participates.

Submitting is easy. Just go to our submit page, upload your image(s) and choose which assignment you are submitting for. Thats it.

All images must be on some form of instant film. We encourage you to go out and shoot, but if you already have an image that fits a topic, you are welcome to submit it.

All submissions need to be uploaded to us the Tuesday morning before the post goes live.

This page will serve as the assignment board. Assignments are linked to their post.

If you have a suggestion for an assignment, drop us a line. or leave a comment on this page.


10th – Reflection

17th – Past

24th – Stickers


1st – Up Close

8th – Whiskers

15th – Stained

29th – Found


12th – Vice

26th – Double Exposure


10th – Leisure

24th – Decay


7th – Coin Operated

21st – Wedding


4th – My Town

18th – Perfect Stranger


2nd – Fall

16th – Experiment

30th – Costume


13th – Youth

27th – Family


11th – Joy

25th – Peace