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We are off and running and want to keep up our momentum. We are so grateful for those sharing, liking and tweeting about our site. This blog is dedicated to you, the reader, and we are grateful you are here. In this post , we will let you know what to expect from Snap It See it this week.

Artist Spotlight

Tomorrow we will be posting our first of many interviews we have lined up for you. For starters, the great Kristopher Orr: World traveler, talented artist and and overall great guy. His work on instant film captivated us, and it was without question that we were going to feature him on this blog.

Kristopher Orr Artist Spotlight

Camera Review

This Friday our founder, Chris Kale, will be reviewing the amazing Mamiya RZ67, a camera with its own hefty personality and plenty of brawn to spare. Its 6×7 format coupled with an instant back, makes it a body builders dream instant camera. It’s an all around outstanding camera, as you will soon find out.


Chris Kale Mamiya RZ67 fuji fp3000b

Chris Kale Mamiya RZ67 Fuji fp3000b

We want to thank you again for an amazing launch day and we are excited to share these next posts with you.

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