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Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today we have another installment of “Whats in your bag”, showing off the gear of California photographer Annie Hall. You may remember Annie from her Artist Spotlight last year, if not, check that out here. Annie is truly a hybrid shooter, shooting everything from medium format and 35mm to digital and of course instant film. Annie has always been pretty awesome with her Instax Wide and the Pola back for her RB67, but we cant wait to see what she starts putting out with her newly acquired Polaroid 195.

You can see more of Annie’s work and follow along with her on social media at the links below. Now, we’ll let her give you a breakdown of the gear in the image above.

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What’s in my bag? More appropriately, what’s in the three bags I’ll bring if I got to spend a week road tripping along the west coast? 

Mamiya RB67: The first medium format camera I owned and my when I forayed back into film photography. When I started looking into instant film, I got a polaroid back for it, so that combo will always be an endearing first to me.


Mamiya 645AF: I snatched this up at a great deal. I remember taking it out on a shoot and absolutely loving the way it felt in my hands. The ergonomics of this camera feels perfect. Currently, it’s my most used film camera.


Instax 210 Wide: Still probably my favorite instant film camera to just take out and play with. I recently took it with me into the pool (above water, of course) and loved how I could shoot a bunch of candids and leave the prints by the pool without needing to peel apart, dry, or take care of.


Nikon FM: My original 35mm film camera died on me and I figured this would be a beautiful replacement. Unfortunately, the shutter has been progressively sticking at higher shutter speeds. I think eventually, I’ll just be shooting at 1/15 sec until I can’t get any slower.


Polaroid 195: A huge splurge for myself because I knew these were hard to find. Although I haven’t shot very much with it, it speaks to me like it’s meant to document families, or anything that will be meaningful to someone for years.


Sekonic L-398: I’m so happy this thing doesn’t take any batteries. One of the most annoying things is trying to find little outdated cell batteries. Plus, it’s really small and pretty to use.


Fujifilm X100S: My favorite digital travel camera that always makes its way into any film gear bag.


Shutter release cable: Always useful for the RB67 when it’s planted on a tripod.


Various rolls of film and pack film: I have a wish list on Amazon called “Always be stockin’,” and it’s all film and instant film.


We would love to see what you have in your kit. Drop us a line at submit@snapitseeit,com with “Whats in your bag” as the subject line. We really enjoy seeing what people are currently shooting with.


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