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We have tossed around the idea of doing a “What’s in your bag?” post in the past. I think everyone likes to get a glimpse into what other people are shooting and why they choose the gear they do. Today will be the first post in this series. These post will not be limited to “instant only” cameras, but must include at least one. Want to show off your gear? Submit your shot and tell us why you love each piece you picked. Send it to submit@snapitseeit.com with “Whats in your bag” as the subject.

Chris here, and I’ll be starting things off today.




So, I have more cameras than I care to admit sometimes. I think most of you can relate to this. I thought I was free of G.A.S when I stopped shooting digital. But no, with film there is over a hundred years worth of gear to try out and I love getting my hands on a new camera with some history. But, this series of post is not about all the gear we have, it’s about the gear we use the most or would never give up. The kit above, minus my F100 is my go to setup. It’s what comes with me on all my shoots or is with me most days. Here is a break down of why I love each piece you see above.


SX-70 – This is the camera that brought instant photography, as most people remember it, to the masses. Small, light, beautiful and timeless. The SX-70 is my favorite camera to shoot Impossible Project film with. I love how close it can focus and how easy it is to handle. Did I mention how sexy this camera is? Seriously, the one I have is mint and was a thrift store find at $25.00.

Instax Mini 90 – My initial review of this camera was mixed. I thought it was high priced and only had a few useful features added over previous models. But, the more I use this little camera, the more I love it. I have this camera with me 90% of the time. It’s so small and has been perfect for capturing quick snaps while out and about with my family. And unlike earlier models, I feel like I’m using a real camera when I pull this out at wedding receptions. It blends perfect with my X100s and is a hit, time after time. I still don’t use a lot of the new features, not that they aren’t cool, they just don’t fit my style of shooting.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II – This is the most versatile camera I own and it’s my favorite of all. You can read my review of it here. I had put this camera on the shelf for a bit and started shooting more 35mm. Recently I brought her back down and fell in love all over. The RZ does it all, and does it all exceptionally well. I just got the Arca Swiss sliding back for it and all I can think is, I wish I had bought more 3000b. I use this camera for everything from family portraits to weddings and every time I get scans back, I’m blown away.

Yashica T5 – Point and shoot 35mm camera. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. It’s in the glovebox or in my backpack. It’s there when I need it and not obtrusive when I don’t. Sharp and fast glass in a weatherproof body.

Nikon Df – I’m a hybrid shooter when it comes to weddings or shooting very small kids. I use film for the key moments at a wedding and digital for extreme low light stuff and fluff.  Also, when I’m chasing around small kids that wont sit still. That said, I made the switch to Nikon from Canon a little over a year ago. I was starting to regret that decision until I got the Df. It is hands down the best digital camera I have ever owned. I only shoot it with old Nikon AIS glass and the results are beautiful. All that, and it visually fits in well with the rest of my gear. If I’m shooting it alongside film, most clients have no clue it’s digital. You will either love or hate the Df, but IMO, Nikon came close to perfection with this one.



Fuji Pack Film – My first re-introduction to instant film was with 3000b, and it’s sill my favorite. Curse you Fuji…. I’ve stocked up on 3000b and shoot it sparingly for now, patiently waiting on my first box of New55 to get here. I have so many cameras that use packfilm and I dread the day 100c is discontinued. For now, I’ll live in a world where you don’t have to cringe when you blow a shot.

SX-70 B&W – My favorite IP film for my favorite Polaroid camera. The new batch of IP B&W film is beautiful. Nuff said… Impossible just gets better and better with each batch.

Instax Mini – Small film, develops fast and it’s cheap. These are the reasons I’m taking over 500 shots of this to Haiti with me. Perfect film for any situation and it won’t break the bank. Now, if Fuji would only make a B&W version…

Roll Film – 35mm or Medium Format, my film of choice is Kodak. They have so many beautiful stocks right now. Portra 400, Ektar and Tri-X are my first choices, but I have a few boxes of E100 tucked away for a sunny day.


Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of my go to cameras and films. We hope to bring more of these post to you in the future. What’s your favorite camera? Let us know in the comments below. Maybe we can get our hands on one and add it to our camera review section.


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