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Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today we have another installment of “Whats in your bag”, showing off the gear of Nashville photographer Josh Ulmer. You may remember Josh from his Artist Spotlight last year, if not, check that out here. Josh is an awesome guy. I had the opportunity to meet him and his lovely wife Amber last year over some amazing North Carolina BBQ. We had the chance to shoot some while they scouted locations for a couple shoot and we talked a little shop, which is always fun. I’ve always loved Josh’s approach to instant photography. Bypassing the urge for some of the more elaborate and expensive systems on the market, Josh has been creating beautiful images for his clients with thrift store finds and the often overlooked Instax Wide. Please take a moment to check out more of Josh’s work at the following links.

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Maybe this should be titled how the heck do I fit this in one bag, because it never happens. These though are the ones that I always struggle with what to bring or what to leave and almost always end up bringing them all.

Fuji x100 – This is my walk around digital I take most places with me. The camera definitely has it’s quirks but I love it for that reason, reminds me of an old car, it’s not always 100% what you want, but you get to know it and you can’t part with it.

Mekai 4351 35mm – This is a new addition bought from Goodwill for $1.99. I had never heard of it, had to google it and still couldn’t find much. Pretty much just a plastic toy like camera. Think holga or lomo. I have only gotten back one roll of black and white film from it, but what I got back I was stoked with. The camera is super light and doesn’t take a battery. I can tell this is going to be the camera I will drag along when it’s lake day with the guys.

Minolta x-370 35mm – The first slr camera that I owned. My dad bought it for me when I was about 17 or so and he had found it in a yard sale for I think $5. He told me about a guy who knew that worked on cameras and suggested I take it to him. The guy cleaned it up and resealed it for $25. I was stoked. Plus the camera was made in 1981, the year I was born. I have tried several other slr cameras but I always find myself coming back to this one. I don’t know if it’s a feeling of nostalgia or just comfort, but I am always stoked when I get photos back from this guy!

Polaroid Super Shooter Land Camera – Picked up this guy for $2. The only way to focus is to guess how far you are from the subject and place the lens dial on the appropriate feet in distance. But I love this thing, it has produced some of my most favorite pack film shots I have ever taken. Bummed though as of now it seems the shutter has stopped working and I can’t get it fixed. So if anyone out there wants to send me one that would be awesome! Another thing I love about this camera is that when you put in a pack of Fuji 3000B film and switch the little switch to that on the camera as well it actually allows you to get as close as 18″ away from your subject!

SX70 Sonar – This was my first SX70 to own and I bought it off my good buddy. I am super picky when I use this camera, but if a trip is going down this guy is always with me.

Polaroid 240 Land Camera – This camera was my first introduction into the world of Land Cameras and while I long for a 195 this guy is just going to have to do. I have been hoarding Fuji 3000b film when I can and a pack is pretty much always in this camera. Currently I save all the shots for shots of family members and close friends only.

Instax Wide – This is my go to instant camera for when we are hanging with friends or on trips with our kids. This camera has been dropped numerous times, has duck tape holding the battery door closed, and pretty sure the last time the lens came apart, I ended up putting it back wrong. This camera was bought last year for our first road trip as a family, a 1,000 mile one way trip and so glad we got this for that!

Things not pictured: typically a pen, some kind of note pad, and a pocket knife, protein bars, and a water bottle as well.

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