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Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did. Here in the states, we had a long weekend due to the 4th falling on Friday. Nothing like a weekend of friends, food and fireworks! Anyways, a few weeks back we ran our first “Whats in your bag” post, and we are back with another installment. Today, we take a look into Matt Day’s bag. Always sporting some sweet gear, it’s cool to see what he keeps as the essentials.

Matt has recently launched a YouTube channel all about film photography. He is going to be including videos on instant film and product/ camera reviews. Be sure to check it out along with his other social media outlets.


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I’ve always loved seeing these posts on different film photography blogs. So much of the fun in film photography is in the variety you have when it comes to gear. The kind folks at Snap It See It have asked me to share what’s in my bag, so allow me to introduce the gang…

Leica M6 – There’s not much to say about Leica that hasn’t already been said. This is my favorite camera, the one I have used for everything, and the one I’ll pass down to my kids one day. On the camera is my 35mm Summicron Ver. IV with an orange filter. I’ve owned several different Leica lenses and this is the only one I own now. The 35mm focal length is the perfect companion for an M, in my opinion.

Japan Camera Hunter 35mm Film Case – Always loaded with Tri-X to feed the M6. That’s what I’m shooting 99% of the time.

Mamiya C330 – It’s hard to look past any TLR, especially when they’re the size of the C330. It’s a beast in the TLR world, but it makes up for it with it’s performance. Bellows focusing so you can get closer than comfort and Mamiya glass to cut that tension. Hard to beat. I’ve got the 80mm f/2.8 lens on there and I love it. Always a handful of Tri-X for it on hand.

Sekonic L-308B – When the light is getting tricky, it’s never a bad idea to use a meter.

Olympus Stylus Epic – Sometimes it’s fun, and also convenient, to shoot with one hand and not have to worry about exposure, focusing, etc. It doesn’t hurt to do that with a 35mm f/2.8 lens either. This camera is always in the bag or in my pocket. I’m usually shooting color in this thing, anything Kodak that I have my hands on.

Polaroid SX-70 – My favorite in the instant world, which I’m sure most of you know why. Always loaded with Impossible’s SX-70 Color film. I’ve never been able to achieve a distinct look like I can with this camera. Not just because of the Polaroid frame around it, there’s just something about that lens matched with instant film. Perfect combination.

The Usual Stuff – Pens, notepads, etc. What everyone else puts in their bag at the last minute.

All of that stuff lives in my Filson + Magnum bag, the Camera Field Bag. I won this bag in a contest put on by Filson and Magnum and so far, I’m loving this bag. It’s hard to describe it, but if Ona, Billingham, and Domke had a wild weekend together and one of them got pregnant, this would be the baby.

Thanks for reading, guys! And thanks again to Snap It See It for featuring my bag!

– Matt


We want to see whats in your bag! Drop us a line at submit@snapitseeit.com and put ‘Whats in my bag’ as the subject. We would love to show off you essential kit!



  1. Hi Matt, just got the Filson x Magnum Field Camera bag two days ago. Really nice bag!!! Just started to use it.

    I find that is does “fold” a bit together around the gear, meaning it’s a little softer and not as quick to get camera or lenses in and out compared to say an Ona bag. Do you adapt or is this a problem in the long run?
    How do you find the weight of the bag for a full day on the streets?


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