Who are we and why are we making this blog

We finally have everything together. We’ve ironed out all the kinks and we have set our goals as to what we want you the reader to get out of this blog. But first, it’s time for a little introduction post to tell you why we are here and why you should be on the look out for us.

To begin, who are we? Let us tell you…

Chris Kale Snap It See It Founder

The founder and brains behind this idea is Chris Kale. A wedding photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I have always loved the look of instant film. Even as a child. When I got a Mamiya RZ67, I grabbed some Fuji fp3000b and fell back in love. Its like having the best of both worlds. An amazing medium format system, with an even faster gratification then digital”

Francisco Chavira Snap It See It Co Founder
Co Founder and film photographer Francisco Chavira. Wedding photographer working from Sacramento, California.

“ I realized instant film was a powerful medium when The Impossible Project began making film. So many photographers were making images that blew my mind. I love that instant film is different than regular film, its own look and process.  Instant film for life.”

001-3Justin Molina Snap It See It

Co founder, Graphic Designer and film photographer Justin Molina. Film and Instant film Photographer from the Bay Area in California.

“ I was told about instant film via Francisco and got my hands on a couple of packs of Impossible Project Film. I instantly fell in love with the unique, surreal look it has. The rush of  watching a frame develop or the feeling when you peel an image and its exactly what you want, I love that.”

After realizing there was no place Instant photographers could easily go for tips, film reviews, and to see work by instant photographers, we decided we had no other choice than to become that central hub of all that is and is related to instant film. Our hope is that we will become a place of unique work and inspiration for many photographers out there.

Now, to the meat of this place. We’ve decided to break down the information into a few essential categories, those being…

Featured Businesses and Artists

We will be featuring artists and businesses dedicated to instant film. We are constantly looking for photographers using instant film in a unique way and we want to know how photographers have implemented instant film into their work. You can expect interviews from Jon Duenas, Kristopher Orr, Tom Wright, and more of your favorite photographers. We will also interview businesses dedicated to instant film, Like Nate at Instant Options who refurbishes instant cameras, If you have been doing unique work with instant film please contact us, we want to feature you.

How To’s

There are many possibilities with instant film, double exposures, emulsion lifts, bleaching negatives, image transfers, shooting integral film in a large format camera and the list goes on.  We want to share all of that. The more you know the more you can create.

Camera and Film Reviews

The reason so many photographers love instant film is because of the variety of films and cameras. Expired Polaroid film, 4×5 film, 8×10 film,  The Impossible Project, New 55, Fuji Instax Film and Fuji peel apart film, the variety is astounding. You can see why we love this stuff so much. The amount of cameras that use this film is equally impressive; Hasselblad, Mamiya, Crown Graphic, Polaroid integral cameras, Polaroid Land Cameras, Large Format cameras, and more. We want to help you see all of the unique qualities of all of these films and cameras. If you have any unique cameras or are using any of these films please contact us.

We have much more planned for you that we cannot wait to share. Please stay tuned and consider sharing your work with us. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram { hash tag  #snapitseeit to your instant photos}.

Happy Shooting,

Chris, Francisco and Justin


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